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Our Story

At Crowfoot Collective, our aim is to bring ancient knowledge of plant medicines to the modern world in order to heal, nourish and repair.

We use Therapeutic Perfumery to bring you back to yourself and back to nature. The Ultimate in Self Care.

Crowfoot Collective is an Indigenous co-owned business based on Vancouver Island. We are a small, family run business owned by Claire Crowfoot and Lawrence Crowfoot Jr. Lawrence is a proud member of Siksika Nation, and holds strong ties to his Blackfoot roots. Our respect and love for his Blackfoot Culture is reflected in our Collections. Claire is studying to receive her certificate in Aromatherapy and has taken numerous Herbalism, Aromatherapy and Perfumery Courses. Her reverence for our Plant Relatives is woven into each piece. 

We believe deeply in Therapeutic Perfumery, and the power of Scent. 

We created our line of Apothecary Goods because we believe that Intention, Ritual and Ceremony should be part of the everyday. We believe that everyone is deserving of connection - to themselves, to one another, and to Spirit.

We know that bringing Ceremony and Ritual to other people through out Apothecary Goods will enrich their lives beyond measure, just as it did ours.

At Crowfoot Collective, we use garden grown botanicals from our own Garden, gathered according to tradition and the cycles of the moon in each one of our pieces. 

We create products using essential oils, absolutes, infusions and tinctures from some of the most important Indigenous plant medicines. Our aim is to use the power of our plant relatives and ancient Indigenous knowledge to create goods which nurture and heal, bringing the Natural World into your home, and bringing you back to yourself. 

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Of course we love all of our products but at this time of year, that in between time when the days are getting longer but the nights are still long, these are our go tos.

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